Minnesota "Hotdish" Apron

Minnesota "Hotdish" Apron

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The ideal apron for anyone who lives in Minnesota, has lived in Minnesota or wishes they lived in Minnesota!

In Minnesota Hot-dish is one word and is used interchangeably with the word casserole. This apron is a humorous map of Minnesota, where the most popular hot-dish might be located. It is a fictional map, but, wherever possible, there is a goal to adhere to local interests, as in Salmon Hot-dish on the North Shore, German Hotdish in the German areas of the state, Turkey Hot-dish, etc. Tater Tot Hot-dish is universal.

This Minnesota Hotdish Apron makes a great housewarming gift, Christmas and Holiday gift, in addition to birthday and wedding gift and can be combined with the other fabulous hotdish items such as: Hotdish Baking Dish, Hotdish Dish Towel, Hotdish Hot Pad holder, Growing up Minnesota Hotdish Cookbook. 

This Minnesota Hotdish Apron is 100% cotton. Ideally machine washed in cold, separately. tumble dry low. I